Here's what we do

Piksel: Liberating the value of your video

Get closer to your viewers

We help you get to the heart of your viewers’ interests and preferences. Because understanding how, where and why they consume content is key to creating higher value and engagement. Together, with our open modular platform, Piksel can help you deliver the right content, at a lower cost of entry, right from the start.

Piksel: Liberating the value of your video

Unleash valuable content

Look beyond traditional distribution and find new opportunities to make your video content constantly and readily available. With consistent, broadcast-level support, our cloud platform allows you to unleash and monetize all of your content by opening new channels where more viewers can have high-quality video experiences.

Piksel: Liberating the value of your video

Deliver infinite content at a predictable cost

Distribute your content efficiently and cost-effectively through the channels you choose, without having to invest in specialized technology resources or costly hardware platforms. When you partner with Piksel, we provide solutions to help expand your reach, so you can focus on increasing viewer satisfaction while still controlling cost.